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We are committed to making your event safe and enjoyable! Our Bus has a premium sound system connected to an iPad mounted in the bus with a subscription to Spotify. You can also bring your own music and connect via Bluetooth. Also we have multi colored LED lighting to set the perfect party mood.


Our bus has 14 seatbelts (not required to be worn) for your personal safety. Along with the 14 seats there is a bench seat in the back that can seat 3 or 4 people and a cooler with a nice cushion, for a total of 18 or 19 seats. Although you can bring as many friends as you feel comfortable with.


Our mission is to provide a safe and enjoyable ride to make the most of your event. The cooler is extra large and is there for your use. In it you will find complementary waters and a bag of ice and still plenty of room for your beverages. Yes it is perfectly legal to enjoy adult beverages while in the bus on the road as long as your of legal age.


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